Michael Hix burns the house down with the Motown Meltdown!

I always love when my buddy Michael Hix comes to the New Granbury Live to perform a show. First, I love being able to spend a little time with my friend and catch up on all the exciting things he is working on and hear about the places where he is performing. I think what I enjoy most is seeing the look on the faces of the audience when they have just witnessed one of Michael’s shows! They are so excited and happy, and at the same time they seem exhausted from watching one of the great showmen in the industry go through his act! I have people stop me repeatedly and ask “How old is Michael” because they cannot believe anyone over the age of 16 could possibly make the moves and keep up the energy level he does! I have others say, “Can you imagine being his elementary school teacher? I bet he wore the teachers out!”

Truly, there will never be another Michael Hix. His show is nothing but fun, fun, fun and non-stop energy! I cannot imagine how anybody could see Michael perform and not believe they got their monies worth. This past Saturday he performed brilliantly in two shows, and importantly, took the time to meet with his fans after the show for as long as they wanted; allowing them to see the personal side of Michael. You see, as good a performer as Michael is, he is even a better person! For my money, that is what really makes Michael Hix the special talent he is.

Remember, Michael will be back at the New Granbury Live on August 4 and again on October 20th. Two shows on each date and tickets will go on sale for both dates in the next two weeks. Get your tickets and come and join in the fun. Michael is don’t miss entertainment!

See you are the shows!