It is always fun to perform in one of Granbury Live Follies shows! First, it brings to Granbury Live a tremendous group of musicians and vocalists which are such a pleasure to watch, and for me personally, such a pleasure to work with. I hope some of you take a second and go to the Follies page here on the website and read the bios of our performers; Very impressive and I believe you will find their performances even more exciting.

This past weekend GBL presented a Follies show entitled “Country Duets”.  The production included songs from the great pairings in country music like George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton, Brooks and Dunn, the Judds and a few others thrown in for good measure! As a historian it was interesting for me to hear how the style of music has changed over the past 50 years in country music, but also the way duets were performed. (The Judds sound/style is nothing like Conway and Loretta!) Many customers tell me they really enjoy the historical video clips and sound bites we include in the show as it gives them some insight into the person behind the voice of the songs. It was great fun pulling the show together and even more so, presenting it to our audience.

How did it go? Well the crowd Saturday night gave the cast a standing ovation and seemed thrilled with the songs we presented and the manner in which we did it. Always satisfying to know our patrons had a good time and felt like they got their money’s worth.

I hope you come and see one of the Follies shows soon! Our next show is June 9th and the show will be all about “Cruisin”; meaning those great songs from the 60’s and 70’s like the Beach Boys, Beatles, Jan and Dean, Motown, and others which were playing on the radio as you drove around town. Get your ticket and come see a great show and bring back some memories that are sure to make your heart smile.

See at the show!