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As we get closer and closer to February a block of the calendar which I refer to as “Texas History Time” begins. For those of you who don’t remember, the Battle of the Alamo started in February, the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed March 2, and the Battle of San Jacinto who won our freedom from Mexico, was on April 21. During this brief period there are hundreds of great stories about the brave men and women who fought and struggled to create our Texas.

On February 17, March 11, April 20 and 22, at the Granbury Live Theater It will be my pleasure to present “The Lion of Texas-An Evening with Sam Houston”; the amazing story of the most iconic character in the history of Texas. This one-man play is full of humor, amazing tales, and sound and visual effects which will transform you to the living room of the great General Sam and make you feel like you are having a private conversation! Inspiring, patriotic, and enriching, this show has been performed throughout Texas to rave reviews! You will laugh, be amazed at the “living history” of General Sam’s life, and appreciate his thoughts and concerns about the Texas of today. No Texan can see the show and not be moved by the dramatic story of the Texas Revolution, the loss of the Alamo and Goliad and the exciting victory at San Jacinto.

Actual comments from people who have seen “The Lion of Texas -An Evening with Sam Houston”:

“I did not grow up in Texas and only vaguely knew the story of Sam Houston and the Texas revolution. No wonder all these Texans are so proud! What an epic story and presented so well!

“It made my chest swell with pride…wonderfully written and beautifully performed. Something every Texan should see”

“My emotions swung in every direction. I found myself laughing, crying, swelling with pride, and looking on in amazement. The kind of show everyone should see and will be glad they did”

Importantly, the March 11 show is a fund raiser for the Comanche Peak Detachment of the Marine Corp League (The people who make Toy’s for Tots happen at Christmas and lots of other great things for Marine Corp Veterans).

Get your tickets to this exciting and entertaining show. If you are from Texas, you will love it! If you are new to Texas, you will appreciate it! If you aren’t from Texas we will all feel sorry for you!

Spotlight Finale

Saturday was the culmination of the Texas Spotlight Show competition at Granbury Live.

It has been a unique journey over the past six months and I thought it appropriate to express a few thoughts.

First, I must thank the Ownership of Granbury Live, The Thomas Group, for having the courage and insight to start a new series like the Texas Spotlight. We certainly experienced some growing pains but the Finals were something to behold and truly a unique and memorable experience.

Hank Radio 92.1 has been a wonderful partner and I cannot say enough good things about their efforts and support for Granbury Live and the Texas Spotlight series. Courtney, Billy, Aaron, Norma and the Crowman were all great to work with and were first class all the way. Thanks!

To Dave Alexander and the terrific Texas Spotlight Band, including Dale Morris Jr., Roger Ramsey, Andrew Popham, the “King of the Ivory Keyboards”  Mark Gheen, as well as late addition Monty Gaylord; thanks for being so talented and expending your time and energy to make the competitors have such a wonderful experience and helping them produce the best music for which they were capable.

To the one and only Zac Wilson, who was an outstanding Master of Ceremonies! He handled a tough job and made the shows flow effortlessly and smoothly.

To our Finals Judges, thank you for your time and expressing your opinion so professionally and eloquently. Holly Tucker, Penny Gilley Stanglin

To the great staff of Granbury Live for handling the seating, ticketing, concessions and making everything go so smoothly.

Most importantly, to the wonderful contestants who make the show such a success. I cannot express how proud I am of each and every one of you! To see you grow in your performances has been a real treat, I hope you had as much fun as I did watching your performances! It was truly something which I will always remember.

Lastly, to the folks who bought the tickets and attended the shows, thank you for supporting these talented performers in their quest for greatness. I am prayerful the production exceeded your expectations and you will all be fans of the New Granbury Live for many years to come. It is our goal to bring you the best of live entertainment, and I think we rang the bell with this Finals Show in the Texas Spotlight!

It has been fun and a joyful experience and surely, “one heck of a party”.

Thanks for reading and get ready for more special events to come at the New Granbury Live…it is where it is happening!

Be sure to check out the photo gallery, courtesy of Shad Ramsey